Picture time :)

Back to reality after a long weekend with family… it always goes by too fast. Maggie Mae seemed to enjoy the trip. She aggravated Murphy (who outweighs her by at least 40 pounds), stole his favorite rawhide bone and generally acted like the attention-whore that she is. This was her favorite spot: She insisted that … Continue reading

A little too much excitement

While not nearly as busy as last weekend, this one definitely had its fill of interesting moments. Let me break it down for you. Friday night, I left a low-key cookout to attend a friend’s birthday party at a local hole-in-the wall bar. Probably not a genius move, but I wanted to take part in … Continue reading

Pictures from the lake and a plea for help

Well, this weekend was every bit as fantastic as I had hoped it would be — even though I didn’t sleep nearly enough. Maggie had a blast at the lake on Saturday. She figured out that she could swim, and I figured out how difficult it was to wash mud off an unwilling dog. I … Continue reading