Help me fight PKD

Polycystic kidney disease is one of the most common life-threatening genetic diseases, affecting more people than Down syndrome, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy and sickle cell anemia — combined. Currently there is no treatment and no cure… But there is hope.

PKD has been part of my vocabulary for the majority of my life.

Although Grandpa died when I was very young, I heard stories about how the disease affected him — I heard about the pain, dialysis and transplants.

Over the past several years, I’ve seen it continue to affect my family. Currently, my dad, aunt and cousin are living with the disease — in various stagesand I recently learned that I also inherited PKD.

Daddy’s overall quality of life has significantly declined since 2008, and knowing that there is no cure or treatment is a hard pill to swallow. His kidneys (which are nearly the size of footballs and weigh 20 pounds a piece) cause him an unbelievable amount of pain. We’re praying for a transplant in the near future. For now, he’s doing pain management with a daily regimen of morphine and Oxycontin.

But there has to be a better solution. That’s why I’m committed to helping the PKD Foundation raise money for research. The PKD Foundation is working hard to ensure that someday, no one will have to suffer the full effects of the disease.

Every dollar donated will bring us one step closer to cure. We can’t do it alone, so please help support us in our fight against polycystic kidney disease.

Please visit to help me raise money to fight the disease that has affected my family for generations.

My dad was diagnosed with PKD in his early 20s. Now, at only 47, he's very sick, in a lot of pain and in need of a transplant. We HAVE to find a cure for this.

UPDATE: Daddy received a healthy new kidney (from my stepmom) on Dec. 13!!! He’s been recovering well and feeling so much better. To read more about our recent journey, visit

One Response to “Help me fight PKD”
  1. Kenda Parker says:

    I was diagnosised with PkD. I went everywhere to help. I had to eventually let my kids so stay with there dad. I only want to be able to be with my children. I got sick lost my house and care and now have no way to get over to see me kids. I’m alone. No par ants to help me. I wanna go see my kids more often. Is there anywhere that helps get me toy babies. I just want to be with then. In in stage 4 and I might necerv get the chance. In dressed and sick and wanna be with my bOys before it to late for me and them. Can someone help me.

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