I miss you…

Dear Summer, I don’t want to sound clingy, but where have you been? We used to have such a good thing, and now you’ve abandoned me. Without you, my days are cold and gray. Dreary and sad. It’s hard to get out of bed without you here. Remember how you used to make me smile? … Continue reading

All partied out — for now :)

To celebrate his last year in the 20s, Derek hired a local band to play for his birthday bash this weekend and invited everyone he knew to come out and enjoy the night. His place is the perfect set up for a party like that. Far enough out that he doesn’t have many neighbors and … Continue reading

My summer to-do list

Weekly writing assignment from Mama Kat: 30 things you vow to do this summer.(inspired by Maegan from Life Set To Words) Spend as much time as possible in the sunshine. Live in the moment. Don’t stress about messy, wavy, humidity-destroyed hair. Go barefoot every chance I get. Be on the lake every possible sunny day … Continue reading

In desperate need of a nap

My eyes are heavy. I can’t stop yawning. My entire body feels like it might collapse from sheer exhaustion, and I can’t stop daydreaming about my great-big bed and a giant pile of pillows. And although the thought of crashing after work sounds really appealing, it’s not going to happen. As soon as I leave … Continue reading

I’m ready…

Words cannot express how extremely excited I am that the weekend is nearly here. And for the first time in weeks, we’re actually expecting a semi-sunny Saturday. Which can only mean one thing… Time to hit the lake!! If all goes as planned, I’ll be stretched out on the boat, soaking up whatever sun the … Continue reading