Finding peace

(Check out the pretty flowers my coworkers sent me today. I work with some amazing people!) I know I updated y’all yesterday with the results of my renal ultrasound, and in response to some of the questions I’ve been asked, I thought I’d give a little better explanation of what Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) actually is. … Continue reading

Test results

Well, I got my test results back this morning. Unfortunately, the news wasn’t exactly what we were hoping for. The ultrasound showed multiple cysts of varying sizes on both kidneys – the largest on my right kidney is 4.4 cm (or nearly 2 inches). On the left, the largest is 3.8 cm. As a result, … Continue reading

Saturday ramblings…

Okay — I know that until this week, we haven’t really had any cold weather in the south, but after the last three days, I’m officially ready for spring. I hate being cold!! Can we please bring back the tank tops and flip-flops….? I was in Destin Thursday and Friday for a conference, and as … Continue reading