Blessed beyond reason

Last week was surreal and scary. We all went into survival mode, doing what we could to support each other. Trying to stay positive, while struggling with those little voices that kept saying he might not pull through. Those voices can be vicious, but despite your best efforts to shut them out, they find you … Continue reading

Praying for strength

The phone call took my breath. It made my head spin and my world go black. My hands trembled and my brain reeled with disbelief and denial. This couldn’t be happening. The last… however many days… have been a whirlwind of emotion. Despair. Hope. Relief. Overwhelming sadness, followed closely by sheer joy. Joy that’s intermittent … Continue reading

My summer to-do list

Weekly writing assignment from Mama Kat: 30 things you vow to do this summer.(inspired by Maegan from Life Set To Words) Spend as much time as possible in the sunshine. Live in the moment. Don’t stress about messy, wavy, humidity-destroyed hair. Go barefoot every chance I get. Be on the lake every possible sunny day … Continue reading

All about me: From A-Z

The terrific Jenner’s over at Life With a Little One and More recently did a post that I really liked. The idea is to tell about yourself alphabetically – making it all the way from A-Z. She made it look effortless, but I soon discovered it was not. Anyhow, here are 26 very random things … Continue reading

I survived BamaJam 2010 :)

I somehow survived another long weekend with very little sleep. And despite being tired, I can honestly say I wouldn’t trade the past few days for anything. With the exception of some minor drama that isn’t worth talking about, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. A storm soaked us all on Saturday, so we laughed as we … Continue reading

In desperate need of a nap

My eyes are heavy. I can’t stop yawning. My entire body feels like it might collapse from sheer exhaustion, and I can’t stop daydreaming about my great-big bed and a giant pile of pillows. And although the thought of crashing after work sounds really appealing, it’s not going to happen. As soon as I leave … Continue reading