A new life for a new man

This time last year, my world was upside down. For those of you who don’t remember, or didn’t read my blog back then, we came unfathomably close to losing my dad. He was unresponsive for days, and I’ve never been so scared. It’s unreal to look back and see how much has changed since then. He … Continue reading

Where have I been? EVERYWHERE!

Wow – where do I start? The last few weeks have been a blur. A crazy, exhausting, nonstop blur of events that have seemed to both fly by and last forever. (How is that even possible?) There’s no way to accurately describe everything that’s happened since my last post, but here are the highlights: After … Continue reading

We’re tracking our packages

The day is finally here! We’ve been at the hospital since 5:00 this morning. They took Daddy back at 7:15 to prep him for surgery, and the proceedure started around 8:20. Three hours later, they’ve managed to remove one of his massive kidneys. One more to go before Michelle’s can go in. We’re all sitting … Continue reading

The 12 Days of Christmas: From a transplant patient

For those of you who don’t know, Daddy will get a new kidney (from my stepmom!) on Dec. 13. After surgery, they’ll stay at a townhouse across from the hospital for eight weeks while he recovers. To show you that he has a sense of humor about everything, I wanted to share his version of … Continue reading

Gotta have faith

Do you ever get the overwhelming sense that your world is spinning out of control and you have absolutely no way to slow it down or make it stop? *sigh* Me too. Daddy’s visit to UAB yesterday didn’t bring great news. It seems as though his kidney function has dropped again, meaning our time to … Continue reading

Blessed beyond reason

Last week was surreal and scary. We all went into survival mode, doing what we could to support each other. Trying to stay positive, while struggling with those little voices that kept saying he might not pull through. Those voices can be vicious, but despite your best efforts to shut them out, they find you … Continue reading

Praying for strength

The phone call took my breath. It made my head spin and my world go black. My hands trembled and my brain reeled with disbelief and denial. This couldn’t be happening. The last… however many days… have been a whirlwind of emotion. Despair. Hope. Relief. Overwhelming sadness, followed closely by sheer joy. Joy that’s intermittent … Continue reading