We still miss you

I knew today was coming. I think the date is etched permanently in my mind. Yet somehow it snuck up on me, hit me unexpectedly and left me in a daze. Exactly one year ago, the world lost a good man – one of the best, in my admittedly biased opinion. I wrote this last … Continue reading

Me and Mama

Weekly writing assignment from Mama Kat:  Mother’s Day is coming…what is the secret behind the close bond you have with your mom? If you’d seen us together last weekend, you would have seen a picture perfect image of a mother/daughter relationship. Hugging, joking, laughing… catching up on the latest gossip. You would have thought we … Continue reading

Wilson Rawls broke my heart. But I loved it.

Weekly writing assignment from Mama Kat: What book captured your heart? Write about why the first book you loved is the first book you loved. At a very young age, I fell in love with Wilson Rawls’s timeless tale of Billy and his two coonhounds, Old Dan and Little Ann. No book will ever be … Continue reading

Whisper words of wisdom…

This phrase has always spoken volumes to me. As I listen to the Beatles sing the words of my favorite song, I’m reminded that there will be an answer. There’s no need to stress. No need to worry. Live life and let it be. That’s my frame of mind going into the weekend. After the … Continue reading