A little too much excitement

While not nearly as busy as last weekend, this one definitely had its fill of interesting moments. Let me break it down for you.

Friday night, I left a low-key cookout to attend a friend’s birthday party at a local hole-in-the wall bar. Probably not a genius move, but I wanted to take part in the festivities and I had a designated driver. The party was okay – pretty uneventful, aside from me showing off my mad guitar skills (or lack thereof) during the band’s break. Luckily, I knew most everyone there and no one thought too terribly much of it.

Those turn signals will get ya

Shortly after pulling out of the parking lot, a state trooper passed us, heading in the opposite direction. I wasn’t too concerned, considering I wasn’t driving, and knowing that my driver not been drinking. At the end of the road, my DD asked me which way to turn, put on his turn signal and was immediately greeted by blue lights. Not knowing why he was pulled over, he rolled down the window and waited for the trooper to come explain.

Want to know the reason??

My friend waited until he made a complete stop at the stop sign before indicating a direction of travel. According to the trooper, you’re required to use your signal for a minimum of 100 feet before turning. The trooper used that as an excuse to pull him from the vehicle and make him submit to a breathalyzer, which he obviously passed with flying colors…seeing as he had not been drinking. Meanwhile, Mr. Trooper’s ride-along-buddy came to my window to chat about the weather and ask how our night had been. After a few short minutes, we were free to go – with a ticket for improper turn indication and a window tint violation. Nice.

Sort of like this...only inside the house

And then I got home and the night continued to go downhill. When I opened the door to my house, I heard steady, “Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”— you know… it’s kind of the noise you hear when the shower is running. My first thought was, “Who’s in my bathroom?” My second, more terrifying thought was, “Dear God, what has Maggie destroyed in there?!”

I slowly opened my bathroom door and was horrified to see the entire room flooded, with a steady stream of water shooting sprinkler-style from the hose that connects the toilet to the waterline in the floor. Maggie had chewed several holes in it, and there’s no telling how long the thing had been spewing. She was soaking wet. Her blanket was saturated. The ceiling was dripping water. Let me tell you how much fun it was to clean that up. Good grief.

Saturday had its moments, as well.  I spent the afternoon getting ready for a wedding and the evening enjoying the reception with a good group of friends. We laughed and danced and generally enjoyed ourselves. Then, someone had a little too much to drink and ran into me, causing me to teeter on my high heels and consequently jam my thumb into the wall. Now my right hand is a nice shade of blue.

I had hoped that my swollen thumb would be the worst injury of the night, but I was wrong. Shortly after leaving the reception, we got a scary phone call informing us that a friend of ours had been stabbed in a bar parking lot. I don’t know all of the details, but apparently he was trying to diffuse a tense situation and a guy pulled a knife on him. He’s okay now – sore, obviously, and all stitched up – but I’m sure that’s not an experience he’ll soon forget.

As a side note, this happens to be the same bar that my purse got stolen from a few months ago. I’m thinking it’s not the kind of place we need to go. Let’s cross that one off the list from now on.

reminder to self

Anyhow – as I said, the weekend was filled with interesting moments. I’m just glad we survived them all.

5 Responses to “A little too much excitement”
  1. Jessica says:

    Ummm Wow! I don’t know what else to say other than I’m glad you’re not in jail and are alive! What a crazy weekend!

  2. ~ H says:

    Holy crap, Heather! That was quite an eventful couple of days for you … fingers crossed that things simmer down.

    I’m dating a state trooper at the moment … I’ll have to ask about that stupid ticket ya’ll received. What an a$$.

  3. scarlethue says:

    Yes, don’t go back to that bar!

    That’s so dumb about the ticket. Like they don’t have actual drunk drivers to catch. Or that the worst a drunk driver would do is not signal until they stopped… couldn’t possibly be just someone lost in the dark, could it? But at least it sounds like they were pretty nice about it. I had a guy make me cry one time, yelling at me for “rolling” through a stop sign. Hello, it was after midnight (I was leaving work, not a bar), and he had been tailgating me for miles, but it was too dark for me to tell he was a cop until he turned on his blue lights!

  4. Jenners says:

    Good Lord, woman! Stay away from me … bad luck and weirdness seem to be following you around. Hopefully this is all done for now! YIKES!

  5. Lacey says:

    Woah… It sounds like you had one of those weekends that you need a weekend to recover from, haha. I’m glad everyone lived through it!

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