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Wow. It has been a hot minute since I’ve written anything. (Wait. Hot minute?? Does anyone actually say that? It felt right. But now I’m questioning myself.)  Anywaaaays… It’s been a while. A long, long, looooonng while. (Do you see what I’m doing here? I think it’s called stalling.) I thought the writer’s block would just magically *poof* disappear, but so far, no. I got nothin’, man.

So, why don’t we take the easy route and just go for a life update. Last year, we relocated to a tiny little town in North Alabama for a job that allowed Jeb to be home more than he ever has been before. It was a sweet deal, at least on the home side of things. Ava finally had plenty of time to bond with Daddy, and I had a chance to see what a normal family life was like. Supper on the table for my hard-working hubby every night. Shared diaper duties. Movie nights and early morning kisses goodbye as he left for work. But alas, that was not what the universe had in store for us in the long-run. The job was a dead-end. He wasn’t using his years of experience, or getting to do what he’s a rock-star at. He dreaded going in every day, and as those of you who have been in a crappy work environment know, that yucky feeling started bleeding over into his off-time, too. It sucked. I could tell he was miserable there, but neither one of us wanted to sacrifice our newly-found normalcy at home. Until we did. It just got to be too much on him. (I’m talking so much stress it was affecting his health. Chest pains. Anxiety. Nothing good.) So, in what felt like the blink of an eye, he had another job offer and was back on the road. BOOM. That chapter of our life slammed shut.

And now we begin another. One where we have readjust to life apart for weeks on end, but hopefully one that will allow him to be happier (and healthier), doing a job he enjoys. I gotta tell ya though. It’s NOT easy. Ava misses her daddy, and I miss my husband. I miss my partner in parenting. (Solo-parenting a two-year-old is tough, man. Even if it’s just for a few weeks at a time.) I got pretty used to having backup. “Honey, could you grab some milk on the way home from work?” “Hey, baby — would you bathe Ava tonight? I’m tired.” “JEB! SEE WHAT AVA IS SCREAMING ABOUT! I’M TRYING TO PEE!” No more of that for awhile, I’m afraid.

So, what do we do? We make the best of it. We count our blessings. (We do a hella-lotta FaceTime.) I remind myself daily that we’re fortunate that he was able to get a job he enjoys so quickly. (A testament to his rock-star status in his field.) I cherish the fact that his hard work allows me to stay home and enjoy these fleeting toddler years with our girl. We do the best we can. One chapter may have closed, but our story is far from over.


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