{insert excited girly squeal…}

Last Saturday, during a beautiful stroll through the woods with Jeb and Maggie, my best friend dropped to one knee, pulled a ring from his pocket and instantaneously became my fiance.

Cell phone photos don’t do it justice…

The last five months of my life have been filled with so much joy. I’m overwhelmed with emotions, knowing that I get to spend the rest of my life with someone I love so completely.

The proposal was interesting, to say the least. It went something like this:

After parking at a trail head at Oak Mountain for a morning hike, Maggie and I get out of the truck and wait, while Jeb digs around in the console and seems to be searching for something.

Me: What are you doing?

Jeb: Getting my knife.

Me: Your knife? Why?? (we were going on a short hike, not a mountain excursion where we’d be slaughtering our own food for survival…)

Jeb: Oh, you never know when you’ll need a knife…

Me: (hmm, well that’s creepy…should I be scared??)

After shrugging off the thought that he’s acting a little strange, we set off into the woods. Throughout the hike, I notice he’s dragging behind, often wandering down to the creek with Maggie. When I ask him what he’s doing:

Me: What ya doin’, babe?

Jeb: Talking to the dog.

You talkin’ to me??

Me: Talking to Maggie? About what?

Jeb: Stuff.

Me: (what the…?? Is his blood sugar low today?? I hope he brought his insulin. I’m so not carrying his butt out of here…)Ummm… okay babe. Everything okay?

Jeb: Yeah. Fine.

So, we continue on. A short while later, I notice he’s stopped walking again. And this time, he has his back to me, obviously fidgeting with something in his hands. My mind flashes to the knife.

Me: Uh, babe? What you doing back there?

Jeb: Nothing. Don’t worry about it… (as he tries to shove something into his pocket)

He turns around, and that’s when I see it. This tiny bit of something red sticking out of his cargo pocket. I’m genuinely curious now and there’s no chance I’m letting it go.

Me: What’s that??

Jeb: What’s what?

Me: THAT! (pointing) There. In your pocket. And why are you acting so weird?

Jeb: You weren’t supposed to see that.

Me: ???

Jeb: (walking slowly toward me..) Baby, you know I love you so much, right?

Me: Yeah… (????)

Jeb: (pulling a huge red ribbon out of his pocket) Well, Maggie wouldn’t cooperate. This was supposed to be around her neck… but (now kneeling down on one knee) Will you marry me, baby?

Me: (excited squeal!! and some incoherent stammerings of “yes!”  “of course!” and more quietly, in my mind “oh, good! he didn’t bring me out here to gut me with that knife!!)

All joking aside, it was a perfect day. He knows how much I love the outdoors, and I think it was so cool that he proposed out there, and that he tried to include Maggie, too. (Even though she wasn’t having any of it.)

Here are a few pictures from the momentous occasion.

Thirsty girl

My two loves

And now I have a wedding to plan….

5 Responses to “{insert excited girly squeal…}”
  1. Heather says:

    Congrats! That ring is so pretty!

  2. That’s awesome. Congratulations!

  3. Halley says:

    Congrats! That ring is so pretty!

  4. Heather says:

    I am soooooo late in saying this, but CONGRATULATIONS!!! How exciting and great and special and thoughtful. Happy wedding planning!

  5. Kim says:

    I clearly have not been paying attention. Congratulations my friend!!!!

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