More than just an April shower

Death. Destruction. Devastation. Multiple tornadoes tore through the state on April 27, leaving people in shock and turmoil. Some people lost everything. Loved ones were taken, homes destroyed. Sturdy buildings were reduced to piles of rubble. Precious photos and family memories were scattered haphazardly by violent winds.

But human nature is a funny thing. Despite chaos and catastrophic sadness, people persevere. They find ways to overcome. They band together, pitch in, and help each other out. Immediately after the deadly storms shook our state, people began collecting donations and passing out supplies. Some spent long days in the hot southern sun to help with clean-up and relief efforts. And while there’s still a long way to go, it’s clear that those affected won’t be fighting alone.

Tonight, a benefit concert featuring some of country music’s biggest names will be held downtown. All proceeds from the sold-out show will be donated to tornado relief. While I’m excited about the event, I know it will be an emotional night, with constant reminders of the damage done by the recent storms. But it will also be a night full of hope — a bright moment for those who lost so much.

If you’d like to help rebuild the lives of those affected by recent tornadoes, please visit and click on the donate button.


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