Saturday ramblings…

Okay — I know that until this week, we haven’t really had any cold weather in the south, but after the last three days, I’m officially ready for spring. I hate being cold!! Can we please bring back the tank tops and flip-flops….?

I was in Destin Thursday and Friday for a conference, and as beautiful as it was, I couldn’t help but wish for warmer weather. Sitting on a balcony by the beach is not nearly as enjoyable when it’s 45 degrees with strong winds. There’s something about it that just feels wrong!! Oh well, I still enjoyed myself. (Isn’t that picture of the resort gorgeous??) After the conference I was able to eat some yummy sushi at Osaka before heading to the spa for a little bit of pampering. I’m officially in love with a 50-something year old man named Lenny. Best. Masseuse. Ever. I swear… it was like he had 10 hands.

In other news, Daddy and Chelle had an appointment at UAB last week. We recently found out that she’s a donor match and she had to undergo a physical and some other tests. Now we wait. A panel of surgeons will vote on their case this week, and if all goes well, we could have a transplant in the very near future!!!!!! WOO HOO!! I recently had an appointment at my doctor, too. I’ll go back Monday to get the results of a renal ultrasound that should show if there is any cyst development on my kidneys. The first step in finding out if I have PKD. No turning back now…

Anyway, that’s pretty much everything that’s going on in my world. Now, I’m off to enjoy a day full of college football. (One of the only good things about this time of year!! I guess I can stand the colder weather until the end of the season. But then I’ll  definitely be ready for spring!)

4 Responses to “Saturday ramblings…”
  1. Kelly says:

    I LOVE your blog! Question- I am going with my husband and 3year old to Birmingham next week, any suggestions for us while there? Hubby will be in meetings all day too. Thanks in advance!

    • Heather says:

      Hey Kelly! Birmingham has a LOT to do… if it’s not too cold during the day, you could take the little one to the zoo. (They may even have the ZooLight Safari up, which they put together every winter — always pretty at night!) OR, there’s a really cool place downtown called the McWane Center (that’s inside and warmer!!). It’s kind of a hands-on science center, with lots of games and things to keep kids occupied, plus an iMax theater. Obviously, shopping is also an option — there’s the Galleria, Summit, Brookwood, and the shopping centers in Alabaster. You could also go to see the Vulcan statue downtown and take the elevator ride to the top — it’s a great view of the city. Anyhow — I hope that’s at least a starting point :)
      Have a great time!

  2. Kim says:

    Beautiful resort! I don’t mind the cold as long as I’m dressed for it. Being up here we’re used to a long winter although by January 1st we’re all ready for spring too.

  3. Jessica says:

    Very very glad to hear he may have a new kidney soon!! That is such great news! Hope you have a great rest of the weekend and try to stay warm :)

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