Why does it take us so long to get ready? Well, let’s see…


During one of our frequent after-work happy hours, a friend of mine and I got to talking about some of the differences between guys and girls – how we think, what we say and how we act. Then we hit a topic that lasted longer than any of those put together: how long it takes us to get ready.

See, guys have it pretty easy in that department. For example, Derek doesn’t own a hairbrush. He takes a five minutes shower, dries off, gets dressed and leaves the house. Ten minutes tops. Add a few minutes if he has to shave.

Products used: Shampoo, soap, toothpaste, deodorant, cologne and shaving cream

Clothes options: Jeans, shorts, khakis, t-shirt, button down or polo

Shoes: Flip flops, tennis shoes or boots

Girls? Not quite so easy. Of course, the process sounds simple: shower, do make-up, fix hair, get dressed. But each one of those steps requires way, way more thought than most guys consider.

Shower products used: shampoo, conditioner, facial cleanser, body wash, shaving cream. (But what kind of shampoo? Volumizing, straightening, curl-enhancing, hydrating? And what about body wash – moisturizing, skin-firming? A hint of shimmer? Tropical, vanilla, tea rose, lavender? Wash cloth or shower pouf? Loofah?)

Then there’s make-up. So many choices. Concealer, foundation (liquid or power?), loose powder, pressed powder, blush (cream or powder?) or should I use bronzer? Eye shadow (what color? Shimmer or matte?), eye liner (pencil or liquid?), mascara (lengthening, volumizing, curling? Waterproof? Black, very black, almost black, dark brown, brown? Aren’t they all the same?!) Lipstick, lip balm, lip gloss?

Once that’s done, we still have hair to worry with. A whole nother category of products and decisions. We can wear our hair straight, wavy, up, down, half up, braided. There are flat brushes, round brushes, paddle brushes. What kind of bristle do I need? Anti-frizz serums, volumizing sprays. Mousses, gels, pomades. The list goes on.

Then there’s the whole getting dressed thing.

Clothes options: jeans, shorts, capris (in various lengths), khakis, skirt, sundress? Tank top (spaghetti strap, halter, strapless, one-strap, racerback?), short sleeve (v-neck, crew neck, boat neck?), three-quarter sleeve, long sleeve? Loose or fitted? Does it look right on my body type? Is it too revealing for work? Damn… now I have find a matching cami to wear under it. If it’s cool out, we have to consider these options: cardigan, pea coat, trench, hoodie, anorak, fleece. Button up? Zip? Belted? Pull-over?

What about shoes? Flip flops, sandals, tennis shoes, boots, flats, heels. Stilettos, wedges, kitten heels. Open toe, close toe, peep toe? What color? Brown, black, silver, pink, red, purple… the options are endless.

If we happen to make it to this point, and we’re clean, dry, made-up and properly dressed, we then have to consider accessories. Earrings, necklaces, rings, belts, purses, scarves, headbands. Multiple color options and varying sizes. Does it all coordinate with everything else I’m wearing?

Now, all of that is without even touching on the multitude of deodorant options – skin renewing, powder fresh, shower clean, tropical breeze, etc… — or the 1,001 different kinds of body lotion currently on the market. And it is so hard to find a good lotion. It can be too greasy, too thick, too sticky, smell too strong… (By the way, Olay Quench is the very best lotion ever.)

And guys wonder why it takes us so long to get ready! (Personally, I think it’s a miracle that I can get all of that done, take Maggie out, feed her and get out the door in 45 minutes!)

4 Responses to “Why does it take us so long to get ready? Well, let’s see…”
  1. Jenners says:

    Sadly, I actually tend to get ready more like Derek. Maybe that is my problem.

  2. Heather says:

    I live by Olay Quench in the winter! It is the absolute best. I have found Nivea Happy Sensation for the summer. It smells wonderful! It’s really light feeling on your skin too. I love this post! This is for sure what it takes for us to go out!

  3. dreT says:

    45 minutes is a bit lengthy, that should allow for the washing of the dishes too!!! ;) Just wanted to drop by and say hello. Smile, it makes those around you curious!!!!

  4. Paula says:

    I agree with all you say but I need extra time because I need to have little rests all during the “getting ready” process.

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