The voices in my head

I have a confession to make: I’m not nearly as cool and collected as you think I am.

I mean, I’m a mostly laid-back, go with the flow kinda girl. I’m not overly sensitive. I don’t create drama. I don’t live by a schedule and I’m not hard to please. I’m going to be me in any situation and I tell myself that I don’t care what people think about that. BUT…

Sometimes I find myself worrying over really silly, completely ridiculous things. Sometimes I over think things and read too much into offhanded comments. Sometimes I stress myself out about things that haven’t even happened. Sometimes I have those “what if” moments that leave me convinced that the worst possible outcome is bound to occur.

This taunting little voice comes along when I’m at my happiest, telling me things will eventually fall apart. What goes up must come down. All good things eventually come to an end. And for a few squandered minutes, I actually believe that.

Thankfully there’s another voice that eventually surfaces and tells my pessimistic side to shut the hell up. It reminds me to just breathe. Take each day as it comes and believe that some things that go up actually spread their wings and take flight, instead of plummeting back to earth at terrifying speeds.

That voice — the one that builds me up and encourages me to dream — tells me I should enjoy where I am now and not waste today worrying about tomorrow.

I think that voice is pretty smart.

3 Responses to “The voices in my head”
  1. I think your voice needs to come over and kick my voice’s arse. Just sayin’. :-)

  2. Jen L. says:

    LOVE the new design!!!

  3. Jenners says:

    Hey … loving the new design. I’m really thinking about WordPress now. So clean and lovely.

    Oh … and yeah … listen to that voice!

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