All partied out — for now :)

To celebrate his last year in the 20s, Derek hired a local band to play for his birthday bash this weekend and invited everyone he knew to come out and enjoy the night.

His place is the perfect set up for a party like that. Far enough out that he doesn’t have many neighbors and far enough off the highway that it doesn’t attract too much attention. Huge, open yard for plenty of parking and a big back porch with plenty of places to sit. The shed his boat is normally under provided the perfect place for the band to set up – wide enough for all of the equipment and just deep enough that people could dance under the roof if it started raining —which it didn’t, thankfully.

I think the night was a success — the band played everyone’s favorite songs and the kegs didn’t run out until after most people left. Our county cab service stayed busy, picking up multiple loads of people and dropping them safely at home. There were a few stragglers that…. umm…took short naps in their trucks. And by “short naps,” I mean they were still asleep at 11:15 the next morning when I pulled in the driveway with an early lunch. At least they didn’t try to drive.

Overall, everyone seemed to have a great time, and cleanup wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it’d be. I was surprised that so many people actually used the trash cans and butt-buckets. I guess maybe that’s a sign that we’re all getting older and finally learning to act right! And even though it was the perfect setting for trouble – with some unspoken tensions and hot tempers — no one stirred up too much drama or started any fights. (Yay!)

Even though I had a blast this weekend, I can honestly say that I’m ready for some down time. Some lay around and not do anything time. Some please help me God, I feel like I’m about to collapse time. I know it never lasts long — I get bored and have to find something to do — but right now, nothing sounds more appealing than my couch, a pillow and a my favorite blanket. Oh, and about 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep….

One Response to “All partied out — for now :)”
  1. Now THAT sounds like the perfect way to spend a summer night. :-) And the lack of clean-up is one of my favorite parts of getting older, haha!

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