Before I kick the bucket…


One of the prompts at Mama Kat’s this week encouraged bloggers to create a bucket list – a list of 100 things they’d like to do or accomplish by the time they turn 100. I’ve always been a dreamer, so I decided to give it a shot. I’m aware that many of my goals are far-fetched, but I approached this as though both money and time away from work were unlimited. You’ll notice that I didn’t make it to 100. The thing is,  I’m 25 and I know the things I want in life will evolve as I get older. I hope to hang on to this list, add to it and hopefully cross off a few along the way.

  1. Spend a week exploring Glacier National Park.

  2. Learn to fly fish.

  3. Watch the sunrise over the Grand Tetons.

  4. Go skydiving.

  5. Go wingsuit flying.

  6. Learn to surf.

  7. Go cliff diving in Acapulco.

  8. Go hang gliding.

  9. Go deep sea fishing.

  10. Get a tattoo.

  11. Drink a pint in a real Irish pub.

  12. Stay in a stone cottage in Ireland.

  13. Learn Italian.

  14. Explore the Tuscan countryside by bicycle.

  15. Take a cooking class in Tuscany.

  16. Take a gondola ride in Venice.

  17. Explore the Greek Islands.

  18. Go snorkeling in the Baths in Lesser Antilles.

  19. Take a trip down the Great Ocean Road in Australia.

  20. Hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.

  21. Explore Corsica and see the Calanche Cliffs.

  22. Go on an African safari.

  23. Zip line through the jungle in Thailand.

  24. See the wildlife on the Galapagos Islands.

  25. See the Iguazu Falls on the border of Brazil and Argentina.

  26. Visit the Amazon.

  27. Stay in an overwater bungalow in Bora Bora.

  28. Go scuba diving in Curacao.

  29. Explore Fiji – hike, kayak, raft, snorkel and soak up the sun on the gorgeous beaches.

  30. Kayak on the Vieques Bioluminescent Bay in Puerto Rico.

  31. Meet Elizabeth Gilbert and talk to her in depth about her journeys and experiences.

  32. Go to Oktoberfest.

  33. Go backpacking in New Zealand.

  34. Learn to play the guitar.

  35. Raft the Colorado River.

  36. Learn to snowboard.

  37. Buy a mountain bike and use it.

  38. Section-hike the Appalachian Trail.

  39. Eat lobster in Maine.

  40. Go to Bonnaroo.

  41. Play blackjack in Las Vegas.

  42. Visit all 50 states.

  43. Go horseback riding in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

  44. Go rock climbing.

  45. Find a cause to be passionate about.

  46. Learn to take beautiful pictures.

  47. Fall crazy in love.

  48. Get married.

  49. Stay married.

  50. Restore and live in an old house with a wrap-around porch.

  51. Start a family.

  52. Grow a vegetable garden.

  53. Have a yard full of sunflowers and daisies.

  54. Learn to cook like my grandmother.

  55. Have a stable and a pasture full of horses.

  56. Volunteer at a homeless shelter.

  57. Be someone’s role model.

  58. Go on another mission trip.

  59. Take flying lessons.

  60. Ride the world’s best roller coasters.

  61. Take a trip across the country on a motorcycle.

  62. Write for Travel + Leisure, Coastal Living or Islands magazine.

  63. Watch a meteor shower on a camping trip.

  64. Conquer my fear of public speaking.

  65. Reread my favorite books.

  66. Have library room in my house with wall-to-wall shelves lined with books, and a comfortable place to sit and read.

  67. Volunteer at an animal shelter and help misplaced pets find loving homes.

  68. Finish writing the book I started.

  69. Run away for a week and be unreachable – no cell phone, no computer.

  70. Go sailing.

  71. Play in the rain.

  72. Reconnect with an old friend.

  73. Learn to make sushi.

  74. Buy a four wheeler.

  75. Buy a Jeep Rubicon and get it dirty.

6 Responses to “Before I kick the bucket…”
  1. Jen L. says:

    Excellent list! I’m totally up for accompanying you to Italy, should you need a travelling companion. :)

  2. Jenners says:

    We had a lot of the same things on our list … and I love how specific you are with so many of your travel plans … as if you have researched them or something.

  3. Trudy says:

    Awesome List Heather! So, maybe we could meet up at Oktoberfest then and play our guitars together (after the lessons, of course)!

    You are quite the little adventurer…I hope you will be able to do many things on your list my friend!

    God bless,

  4. Heather says:

    I love this post! I want to visit Tuscany also. It has been a dream of mine for years. It would be so great if you could do everything on this list!

  5. flightsrhodes says:

    ahhhhhh very good, bookmarked :-) keep it up, JusyKassy.

  6. Dan says:

    It isn’t hard to volunteer at an animal shelter. Just call and the rest can be history and you can start crossing items off your bucket list.

    Volunteer today!
    (Spoken like the humane society director I am in real life.)

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