I’m ready…

((photo from http://weheartit.com))

Words cannot express how extremely excited I am that the weekend is nearly here. And for the first time in weeks, we’re actually expecting a semi-sunny Saturday. Which can only mean one thing…

Time to hit the lake!!

If all goes as planned, I’ll be stretched out on the boat, soaking up whatever sun the sky chooses to offer (the forecast is looking better by the minute.)  I’m praying for a pretty day, filled with good friends and good times.

A local band is playing on the lake tomorrow night – so the summer fun should continue long into the night.

Wait, did I say summer fun? I guess it’s technically still spring, huh? Oh well…. I’ll just pretend. Because despite the blistering heat, obnoxious mosquitoes and nearly suffocating humidity, summer really is my very favorite season. (Although, after that description, I’m not quite sure why.)

I think it’s because summer has always brought with it an easy, carefree spirit – full of weekends spent outside. Cold drinks and cool lake water. Sunglasses. Ponytails. Flip flops. Boiled peanuts and beach trips. And the afternoon sun stretches longer into the day, making weekends feel longer, and work days more bearable. The skies seem bluer and the grass is definitely greener. You can eat fresh tomato sandwiches, grilled squash and juicy slices of watermelon…

Yeah, I think all of that is definitely worth a few mosquito bites and nearly unmanageable hair. That’s what Neosporin and ponytail holders are for.

So bring on this weekend. And maybe three or four months full of weekends just like it. I’m ready.

4 Responses to “I’m ready…”
  1. Jenners says:

    I have a feeling this summer is going to be really really awesome for you!

  2. Jen L. says:

    Loooooooooooove summer! Looking forward to many of those things myself.

  3. blog focus on peanuts

  4. Boomka says:

    Love love love that picture! Very cool. Saturday my friend and I just spent all afternoon sitting outside eating bar-b-q and drinking pitchers. It doesn’t get much better than that. Not even close.

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