Me and Mama

Weekly writing assignment from Mama Kat:  Mother’s Day is coming…what is the secret behind the close bond you have with your mom?

Me and my pretty mama :)

If you’d seen us together last weekend, you would have seen a picture perfect image of a mother/daughter relationship. Hugging, joking, laughing… catching up on the latest gossip. You would have thought we were the best of friends. And we are. Now.

But it wasn’t always like this. There were days of screaming fights, sassy mouths and venomous words. Tears of frustration and angry days spent hiding in my room. In other words, I was a teenage girl. And I tried her patience in nearly every way.

College came and I couldn’t wait to move out. As my roommate and her mother tearfully hugged goodbye, my mom and I gave each other the equivalent of “good riddance.” Adios. Talk to ya later. See ya soon.

Moving away did wonders for our relationship. Since that August day six years ago, we have slowly grown to understand each other. She says I’ve grown up. I say she’s mellowed out. In all honesty, it’s probably a combination of the two. We still have our moments, but I have a feeling most people do.

I now see that she’s strong, compassionate and seriously funny. She’s completely herself with no excuses or apologies. And she has my back no matter what.

And I hope that she sees some of those traits in me. Lord knows I got her stubborn strength. And the willingness to be myself at all times, even if it means people look at me like I’m a crazy person.

The great thing is I know we’ll continue to get closer. I haven’t even reached the “married with children” stage in my life and I’ve heard that brings a whole new level of respect and understanding. When that time comes, I pray – no, plead – that God doesn’t take heed to all of those fervent requests my mother made of Him when I was growing up. Because I really don’t know if I can handle one just like me. Lord, have mercy on my soul.

10 Responses to “Me and Mama”
  1. Lacey says:

    Awww, this was really sweet, Heather. Moving out of the house did the exact same thing for me and my mom… I seriously look back at some of the stuff I put her through and just hang my head in shame, haha. Your mom sounds like such a blessing!

  2. Jenners says:

    Oh … look how cute the two of you are!!! You’re lucky to have this relationship with your mama!

  3. Heather's M says:

    We’ve come a long way, huh? Love you dearly, my Heather girl!


  4. KLZ says:

    I feel this post so strongly. I tell my mom all the time that I love her so much but our relationship is better when we don’t live together.

    Glad you guys got past it.

  5. Kim says:

    I love the picture and I think you are right when you say your relationship will only get better. It’s great that you have worked past the hard stuff because it will be nice to have her in your life when you have babies!

  6. Nessa says:

    What a great tribute to your mom – and I love that she got to read it as well.

  7. Dan says:

    It’s a lot like that old saw: My father knew nothing when I was 18; now that I am older I am amazed at how much he learned in the mean while.

    That late adolescent push for separation and independence drives parents and kids crazy. But time and separation can do wonders for restoring the love and respect. Glad you and your mom have succeeded!

  8. scarlethue says:

    This could have been written about me and my mom, too!

  9. That’s great you are like best friends now. My mom and I had that kind of relationship even when I was a teenager. I was very close to my mom and miss her terribly. Enjoy the time you have with her and treasure each moment.

    Visiting from Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop.

  10. Megan says:

    Such a cute pic! And such a sweet post!

    Loved it!



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