Walking for a Cure

Tomorrow morning I’ll be up with the sun to take part in a local 5K for breast cancer research.

I’m not much of an athlete, so I’m comforted by the fact that it’s called a breast cancer “walk” and not a breast cancer “run.” I can definitely walk (possibly jog) a 5k. Running? Not so much. Maybe one day.

It’s supposed to be a gorgeous day here tomorrow — sunny with highs in the 70s — so spirits should be high as we gather bright and early to begin our journey.

I have no personal reason for participating in the event.  None of my friends or immediate family have battled breast cancer, but I know so many women are affected by this every year. I’ve heard the stories and been moved by the strength of those who have struggled to survive. It’s nice to know that in some small way, I’m contributing to something that is working diligently  to find a cure and eliminate the pain that so many have already endured.

I know how hard it is to wake up early on a Saturday morning, but I also know how good it will feel to lace up my tennis shoes and join other local women on our Walk for a Cure.

3 Responses to “Walking for a Cure”
  1. Lacey says:

    It sounds like a blast! And it’s for a good cause, which makes it even better!

    I’ve done the AIDS Walk here a couple of times… like you I don’t know anyone effected by it, but it feels good to to come together with other people, all with a common goal of helping. :-)

    Have fun!

  2. yes its great to participate in that run! even here at times they conduct such marathons for various causes….!

    and yes Heather…regarding the comment in my post….. you are right…”seemingly unrelated species is actually vital for the success of many other species, including our own” thats a lovely sentence…(which I should have thought while writing) ;)

  3. scarlethue says:

    Good for you, I hope it was fun. :)

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